NEC’s NeoFace Selected By Arizona DOT

NEC’s NeoFace Selected By Arizona Department of TransportationToday, NEC Corporation of America announced that its facial recognition solution, NeoFace, has been selected and deployed by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). The biometric solution, which recently received a major update, will be used to mitigate fraudulent activity and improve the overall process of issuing credentials.

The automated facial recognition technology provided by NEC is cloud-based, operating on the NeoFace Service-Oriented Architecture. This eliminates the need for outsourced support or maintenance. Additionally, ADOT will also be benefiting from NEC’s NeoFace Reveal, which will allow the Department of Transportation to open fraud investigation cases, perform image searches of their massive database (containing approximately 16 million images and 7.7 million identification records including driver’s licenses), and compare images with those found in the state database.

Facial recognition is increasingly finding deployment in the US to combat ID and driver’s license fraud. There have been multiple cases this year in which biometric technology has successfully caught fraudsters in this manner, and just last week we reported on FindBiometrics that the New Jersey and New York DMVs are teaming up to share facial recognition databases in an effort to cut down on this crime.

With NeoFace in its hands, the Arizona Department of Transportation can expect to cut down on fraud without encountering any additional administrative friction.

August 24, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter