NEC Announces World’s First Fingerprint Scanner for Infants

NEC has developed a prototype of what it’s calling the world’s first fingerprint scanner that can scan the biometrics of infants.

NEC Announces World's First Fingerprint Scanner for InfantsThe device is compact in form, weighing under 50g and measuring 72mm x 35mm x 7.5mm. The device is outfitted with hi-res 1270p CMOS image sensor, and NEC says it has been used to scan the fingerprints of more than 300 children, including over 100 infants.

It was developed in collaboration with Michigan State University, the professional home of renowned biometrics researcher Anil Jain. It appears that Jain was likely using the technology developed with NEC when he led a study in India, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, testing the feasibility of scanning infants’ fingerprint biometrics. Jain suggested the technology could play an important role in pediatric care.

NEC’s Ryoji Hayashi agrees, asserting in a press release that “[t]he provision of these technologies based on this prototype will allow NEC to contribute to the solution of important social problems, such as the optimized management of immunization and food supplies, and the reliable management of birth certification,” by facilitating the accurate identification of child subjects.

October 18, 2016 – by Alex Perala