NEC to Showcase Facial Recognition Solutions for Retail at NRF16

NEC to Showcase Facial Recognition Solutions for Retail at NRF16NEC Corporation of America is planning to showcase a range of technologies at next week’s National Retail Federation Big Show in New York. In addition to solutions ranging from mobile POS to ultra-high definition digital signage, the company will show off a number of innovative biometric solutions.

They revolve around facial recognition, using this technology to scan the faces of individuals entering a given retail environment. One of them, NeoFace Watch, is targeted at loss prevention, designed to match individuals’ faces against designated watch lists. These kinds of systems, while still novel on the market, are already starting to prove popular with some retailers, and should bring NEC an interested audience at the Big Show.

But NEC’s other facial recognition solutions are intriguing, as well. NeoFace Engage is designed to use facial recognition to identify biometrics related to age and gender, and to then tailor marketing to shoppers based on that demographic data. Meanwhile, NEC’s Enterprise Video Analytics (EVA) tracks that demographic information for analytical purposes, providing retailers with advanced data on their shoppers.

Along with other technologies like a heat-mapping system that can tell retailers where in their stores customers spend the most time, these biometrics solutions are likely to be of great interest to many of the businesses attending next week’s Big Show.

January 14, 2016 – by Alex Perala