NEC Enhances Gurugram Traffic Cameras with Facial Recognition Tech

NEC Enhances Gurugram Traffic Cameras with Facial Recognition Tech

NEC India has landed a CCTV surveillance contract with the Indian city of Gurugram. The 24-hour cameras will primarily be used for traffic enforcement, using AI software to spot traffic violations and issue fines at hundreds of locations spread across Gurugram and Manesar.

However, the system’s utility extends well beyond a few speeding tickets. Many of the cameras will be outfitted with NEC’s NeoFace Watch facial recognition platform, which will allow the surveillance cameras to monitor persons of interest and alert law enforcement to suspicious activity.

“The current population of Gurugram is close to 2.5 million and is expected to grow rapidly. We need to work towards enhancing public welfare,” said the Gurugram Municipal Development Authority in a statement. “We are hopeful that the successful implementation of this project will propel Gurugram into an attractive city to live, work and visit.”

Earlier this year, UK police credited NeoFace for three arrests during a trial in London, a move that worried privacy advocates despite NEC’s vocal endorsement of privacy and human rights. The company has been emphasizing its smart city capabilities in the wake of its partnership with Arm Limited, with the Gurugram alliance indicating that smart city tech will continue to play a major role in its business plans moving forward.

May 9, 2019 – by Eric Weiss