NEC Showcasing Biometric Solutions at INTERPOL Expo

NEC Corporation has an opportunity to pitch its technologies to the world’s most high-profile international police body this week. The company is attending the 85th ICPO-INTERPOL General Assembly Exhibition, where it is also be an exhibitor.NEC to Showcase Biometric Solutions at INTERPOL Expo

It’s placing a strong focus on digital security, highlighting its Digital Forensic Solution in the wake of major recent hack attacks. But the company’s biometric offerings are also likely to get a strong reception, with NEC planning to showcase NeoFace Watch, its facial recognition system for video surveillance and searches; and NeoFace Reveal, its facial recognition workstation designed for enhancing low-quality facial images and searching databases such as those containing mugshots. Police authorities may also be interested in NEC’s NeoFace Smart ID and NeoScan45 multi-modal mobile biometric capture solutions, and its SmartScan multi-modal biometric scanning solution, all of which will also gets some time in the spotlight.

With NEC having received some high-profile recognition for its biometric solutions for the government sector, the INTERPOL expo could help it to reach even more clients as policing and security sector interest in such technology continues to rise.

The 85th ICPO-INTERPOL General Assembly Exhibition is taking place in Bali from November 7 to 10.

November 8, 2016 – by Alex Perala