NEC Biometric Tech Tops NIST Testing Again

Fingerprint BiometricsBiometric technology company NEC Corporation has once again received top-ranking in a round of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) testing. The tests comprised NIST’s Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation (abbreviated FpVTE 2012 or FpVTE).

Competing against 18 other companies, NEC attained the top ranking in each of the FpVTE’s ten fingerprint identification tests, which looked at how the companies’ technologies scanned fingerprints in a variety of positions and combinations, and how well their matching algorithms performed in these scenarios. It’s another major success with a NIST test, following pretty closely upon NEC’s win in NIST’s Proprietary Fingerprint Template Test toward the end of last summer. It’s also the second time NEC has ranked first in FpVTE testing.

Speaking in a press release, a NEC executive said that the company is “delighted that the results of the latest benchmark tests have once again demonstrated the superiority of NEC’s fingerprint authentication technologies.” This kind of recognition is important for NEC as the company targets its technology towards public sector security applications, and indeed, it seems to have helped the company to achieve continued success in winning such contracts.

Just last month, NEC announced deals to provide Las Vegas police forces with a multimodal system and provide face scanning technology to Surat City police. With its latest success in NIST testing, it seems a fair bet those won’t be the last such deals the company manages to seal.

March 9, 2015 – by Alex Perala