NEC to Put Biometrics in Spotlight at Retail’s Big Show

NEC Corporation of America is going to have a strong presence at next week’s Retail’s Big Show, and biometric technologies will be prominent among its showcased solutions.

NEC to Put Biometrics in Spotlight at Retail's Big ShowOne example is it’s “Kylie” system, a digital avatar that uses facial recognition to identify and greet known customers and to provide them with personalized marketing. The same identification technology can also be used as part of Brierley’s CRM platform to help maintain customer loyalty. Retailers may also try to wow customers using NEC’s facial payment technology, which ties shoppers’ payment information directly to their faces and uses facial recognition technology to enable contactless, naked payments.

But NEC’s biometric technology also offers surveillance applications. Its NeoFace Watch solution can be used to detect known shoplifters via CCTV, again using facial recognition technology. Meanwhile, heat mapping technology can be used to detect where customers are spending the most time in a given store, offering valuable data on what products or displays appear to be best at capturing shoppers’ attention.

With these offerings highlighted among its many other retail solutions, NEC is poised to make a strong case for the value of biometric technology at this year’s Big Show.

January 11, 2017 – by Alex Perala