Border Control & National ID Month: The Roundup

June has come to an end and with it exits Border Control & National ID Month. For the past five weeks at FindBiometrics we have been placing a featured focus on the most ambitious and enormous biometric and identity tech deployments around the globe, with feature articles, on-topic industry news coverage and, of course, an expert webinar.

Here is a look back on the highlights from Border Control & National ID Month:

Getting Started

Border Control & National ID Month: The RoundupAs usual, we started our featured topic coverage with a primer to bring you up to speed on the industry. In the dual realms of border control and national ID that’s quite a bit of information – while there is some overlap in terms of scale, scope and benefits, the two verticals compliment each other while making up their own massive subsets of the biometric industry. The primer linked below collects recent headlines to paint a picture of the current landscape in the biometric solutions that build up the nations of the world from the inside, and secure their borders from threats on the outside.

Border Control & National ID Month: The Primer

The Webinar

Border Control & National ID Month: The RoundupOn Wednesday, June 22, we presented a live broadcast of the latest entry in our expert webinar series. Bringing together industry leading experts Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence; Benji Hutchinson, Senior Director, Washington D.C. Operations, NEC Corporation of America; and Janice Kephart, Director, Homeland Security Solutions, MorphoTrak, LLC, the presentation focused on biometrics as they relate to border control and national security. Most provided the latest market research from Acuity before joining her fellow panelists for a dynamic discussion on multimodality, best practices, mobility, and information sharing as those topics relate to border control.

Follow the link below to find a video recording of the full webcast.

WEBINAR: Experts Discuss Biometrics, Border Control, National Security

National ID

Border Control & National ID Month: The RoundupIn week three of Border Control & National ID Month we dedicated our featured articles section to biometric citizen registry. National ID programs are sprouting up all around the globe, and each one is uniquely suited to serve the needs of its host country. In the featured article link below, we put the spotlight on four different national ID programs and examine their unique benefits.

National ID was in the news throughout June too, with Aadhaar enrollment camps, student ID, and UNHCR refugee ID all sharing the headlines.

Take a look at the links below to see how national ID fit into our featured topic of June:

Featured Article: Border Control & National ID Month: 4 National ID Programs And Their Benefits

Indian State Implements Biometric Attendance Tracking for College Faculty

Liberian Agencies Vie for Control Over Biometric ID Program

Nigerian Students to Get Biometric ID Cards

UN Refugee Agency Launches New Biometric ID Cards, Mobile App

Indian Authorities Implement Tablet-Based Biometric Attendance Tracking for Teachers

Aadhaar Camps Aimed at Enrolling Children

Border Control

Border Control & National ID Month: The RoundupIn week two of Border Control & National ID Month we focused on the former of the title topics, specifically: how multimodal biometrics can improve airport security, and the argument for a flexible identity paradigm in the security terminals of the future. Border control made headlines throughout June as well, with Vision-Box announcing multiple deployments of its biometrics-powered Automatic Border Control solution, and the US Department of Homeland Security seeking industry advisement on the long awaited biometic exit program.

Featured Article: Border Control & National ID Month: Multimodal Airports

DHS Calls on Industry to Advise on Biometric Exit Program

RIOgaleão Airport Implements Vision-Box ABC Solution

Vision-Box ABC Solution Deployed at Copenhagen AirportAadhaar Camps Aimed at Enrolling Children

Vision-Box Promotes Border Control Solutions at Government Conference


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June 29, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter