National ID: Biometric Visa Issuance From 4G Identity Solutions Is Rolled Out Across the Globe

December 12, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

National ID is a major vertical market in biometrics. Countries all across the world, specifically in emerging markets, are in need of systems that can help governments keep track of citizens and visitors. The benefits of biometric national IDs are wide in scope: health benefits and financial perks that citizens in other countries take for granted thanks to standardized identification (SIN and drivers licenses being a common form of this) can only effectively be provided to a populace that can be properly identified. When it comes to visitors, biometric ID can go a step further in preventing international criminals from crossing borders and identity fraud.

This latter application is the purpose of 4G Identity Solutions’ newly launched Biometric Enabled Electronic-Visa Issuance System (BEVIS). Rolled out to various country’s missions across the world, BEVIS enrolls visitors’ biometrics and demographic information when they apply for a visa.

Designed for large scale deployment, BEVIS is multi-modal, and therefore able to match the varying needs of the organizations it serves. In regards to biometrics it can enroll fingerprint, face, iris and signature templates, and features customizable demographic fields that can be fine tuned to reflect the data needed for the type of credential being issued.

Biometric visa issuance is becoming a widespread practice on a global scale. Recently the space has been active, with deployments on all continents over the past year. Most recently Aware, Inc. has been partnering with Fujitsu in order to provide biometric visa issuance and management solutions in both Saudi Arabia and Canada.

According to an interview with senior analysts from Frost & Sullivan, national ID programs are a reason to keep an eye on developing economies when it comes to biometrics. 4G Identity Solutions is seasoned in this regard, having already provided major civil ID deployments in India, including the Aadhaar UID Project and the biometric component of India’s Immigration Visa and Foreigner registration and Tracking system.