NASPO Awards Highest Security Certification To MorphoTrust Production Facility

morphotrustDecember 16, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

Fraud is a serious problem. It is only because of regularly occurring innovations in secure documents that we can say with any degree of certainty a stranger is who she says she is. When it comes to creating the cards that are so essential in the identification process, it is important that the same amount of care goes into securing the production facility as goes into the actual credential making.

Today, MorphoTrust USA (Safran) announced that one of its credential production sites has achieved the highest security certification offered by the North American Security Product Organization (NASPO). This marks the first time that this level of certification has been given to a facility, ever.

MorphoTrust has a number of NASPO certified facilities, the purpose of which is to produce US drivers licenses and ID cards for state motor vehicle agencies (MVAs). As both an American National Standards Institute and International Standards Organization NASPO’s certification means that MorphoTrust’s facilities meet the guidelines set forth by the Department of Homeland Security.

In the United States the drivers license is the most common form of identification and along with the SIN is one of the primary reasons that there is no active push for a new biometric national ID program in the country. This being the case, a growing number of MVAs are choosing to produce their documents in facilities that have both proven to be highly secure and also offer a great level of flexibility when  it comes to incorporating specific features into ID cards. With a NASPO Class 1 Certified facility in an unnamed location in the USA, MorphoTrust is providing a secure environment for the production of its secure documents.

“We understand the trust placed in us by our customers and this certification demonstrates MorphoTrust’s drive to achieve the absolute highest levels of security in our facilities,” said Dennis Kallelis, CSO of MorphoTrust. “We hire the world’s top security experts and invest several million dollars each year to ensure MorphoTrust is the United States’ most secure and reliable provider of identity solutions and services. Our dedication to complete and total security for customers, personnel, information and the supply chain at every level is what makes MorphoTrust the industry leader.”

Earlier this year, MorphoTrust USA was named North American Company of the Year in Government Biometrics by research analysis firm Frost & Sullivan. Now that the company has achieved NASPO Class 1 certification in one of its facilities, it can add another recognizable accolade to the already publicly praised list of exceptional growth strategy, product technology innovation, leadership in customer value and market penetration in 2013.