Naked Payments Platform Arrives in Indonesia

Japan-based naked payments pioneer Liquid Inc. is bringing its fingerprint-based payments service in Indonesia.

money-transfer-iconAs Bangkok Post reports, the platform arrives via a partnership with domestic conglomerate Salim Group, which runs businesses ranging convenience stores to car dealerships. They’re going to start registering users’ fingerprints immediately, with plans to install fingerprint readers in Salim stores thereafter.

The system, which was developed in part with the support of the Japanese government, links customers’ fingerprints directly to payment accounts, allowing them to make purchases through a fingerprint reader without the need for payment cards or any other special devices. And, as Bangkok Post reports, it’s highly reliable, with Liquid asserting that the likelihood of error with its fingerprint readers is one in a trillion.

In the Salim deployment, users will establish payment accounts with the organization that can then be debited with each fingerprint scan. With the system now arriving in Indonesia in addition to deployments in the Philippines and Sri Lanka, it could represent the next frontier in digital payments, levering biometric security into a system even more convenient than the mobile payments enabled by platforms like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Source: Bangkok Post

February 24, 2017 – by Alex Perala