MXSERVER Facial Recognition Platform Integrates Toshiba Algorithm Software

Tygart has further enhanced its MXSERVER facial recognition platform with the integration of Toshiba’s Face Recognition Software Library.

MXSERVER Facial Recognition Platform Integrates Toshiba Algorithm SoftwareThe SDK is essentially another tool in the MXSERVER toolkit. MXSERVER is designed as an algorithm agnostic platform that can leverage various facial recognition technologies depending on the specific needs to a given deployment. Now it has access to Toshiba’s technology, which enables automated face detection and tracking, biometric matching, and the ability to determine the quality of photographs.

The MXSERVER platform is generally aimed at law enforcement and security applications, given its capability of quickly analyzing large amounts of image and video data; and the addition of Toshiba’s technology further enhances its potential value in those sectors. In a statement, Toshiba Deputy Senior Manager Nobuyoshi Enomoto explained that the integration “strengthens our offering with a scalable search and index capability to support real-time surveillance and monitoring for public security and post-event forensic analysis.”

Meanwhile, Tygart President John Waugaman called the integration of Toshiba’s SDK “a natural extension to support the government and law enforcement community internationally,” calling Toshiba “a leader in facial recognition technology.”

March 15, 2016 – by Alex Perala