Muvoni Biometric & Smartcard Solutions Using 3M Cogent Fingerprint Scanners to Combat Identity Fraud at African Bank


Muvoni Biometric & Smartcard Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Alt-X listed Muvoni Technology Group, has partnered with African Bank to help the latter combat identity fraud.

Muvoni says it has already begun to supply fingerprint scanners and supporting software to the financial institution with the aim of also servicing African Bank’s retailer network, which includes the Ellerines group of businesses.

African Bank required technology to verify client identities against the Home Affairs National Identity System (HANIS), a facility made available by the SA Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC).

Simply explained, client identities are verified via HANIS by means of fingerprint scanners that are integrated into the bank’s core front-end system.

While a number of vendors were invited to recommend and submit fingerprint scanners for testing, Muvoni Biometric & Smartcard Solutions says it put forward the CSD200 from 3M Cogent.

Fifty were piloted, and alternative makes and models were deployed for data-checking purposes.

Following a successful pilot, 1,500 fingerprint scanners were rolled-out to African Bank branches around the country. By the end of 2012, a further 1,500 are set to be installed.

“The CSD200 fingerprint scanners are durable, ergonomically-designed, lightweight and portable, as well as cost-effective, easy to operate and reliable. They’re also perfect for the rapid-fire pace of the financial services environment, where speed is key to managing the flow of clients and information,” Muvoni said.

Fully imported, the fingerprint scanners are FBI and FIPS 201 PV certified. FIPS is the Federal Information Processing Standard.

Presently, the system is verifying the identities of approximately 1,000 African Bank clients per day.

“In South Africa, counterfeit ID books, drivers’ licenses and birth certificates are commonly used to perpetuate fraud. In our view, fingerprints are the most reliable means of verifying someone’s identity. They can’t lie; you are who they say you are!” said Stan Khan, MD of Muvoni Biometric & Smartcard Solutions.

“At the Muvoni Technology Group, we have many years of experience in identity verification processes and systems, including background checks from MIE and criminal record checks from Afiswitch. We’re very proud to add African Bank to our growing list of satisfied clients.”

Pieter Deyzel, African Bank’s project manager, says Muvoni’s choice of fingerprint scanners and supporting software has helped reduce the incidence of identity-related fraud.

African Bank says it is considering the possibility of acquiring the CSD200 fingerprint scanners and interfacing HANIS infrastructure for its retailer network, which includes the Ellerines group of businesses.