Multispectral Fingerprint Reading at the Biometrics Consortium Conference 2013

September 18, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

8624_lumidigm_lumidigm-vert-rgb-600wThe Biometrics Consortium Conference began yesterday in Tampa, Florida, and among the many booths on the convention room floor, one I was very excited to take a look at was Lumidigm’s. The company’s proprietary technology – multispectral fingerprint imaging sensors – has a very wide range of applications, and the Albuquerque biometrics company can boast a number of deployed applications, as well as some creative initiatives in the works.

The Lumidigm booth had the expected fare on display, albeit in grand fashion: a small water fountain, made up like a terrarium, with a stream of water running directly on to a sensor. It was a dramatic way to make a point, but it was made. Lumidigm sensors are versatile in application and in deployment.

Next to the drenched sensor sat a perfect example: a connected car application demonstrated by a slightly over-sized dashboard housing a fingerprint sensor. It represents a new industry initiative of the company’s in automotive  With applications in transportation and fleet management, the technology can be used for access control, or when applied to a consumer car, act as a key that not only starts the vehicle but also activates preferences such as music settings.

Multispectral waterproof

Physical access control anywhere: Lumidigm sensors still work even when placed under decorative bamboo water fountains.

But Lumidigm sensors aren’t just confined to the booth with the running water fountain. Yesterday the company announced that the new SekureID SID500 access control device features Lumidigm V-Series sensors. This is key, as the SID500 is meant to work even in the rain, and judging by the demonstration mentioned above, even the most torrential rain isn’t going to put this one out of commission.

A wireless solution that can be integrated into an existing security network or act in a standalone capacity to provide multi-factor physical access security that combines fingerprint scanning and proximity card reading, the SID500 provides a high level of control, giving SekureID customers the ability to manage access on all personnel at all times.

The controls are on display at the SekureID booth (#412) at the BCC, landing Lumidigm tech on two ends of the hall.