Multiple Biometrics From NEC Detect Signs of Unusual Activity

NEC120buttonNEC Corporation has recently announced the global launch of MAG1C: a range of solutions meant to detect unusual activity by leveraging a large number of information sources including biometric sensors.

MAG1C is an acronym that stands for “Multi Agencies, 1 Concert,” and its sources include SNS, video and voice, in addition to data from temperature, humidity and scent sensors. Designed as part of NEC’s Safer Cities initiative – specifically to strengthen information sharing between local government ministries – MAG1C solutions are compatible with a broad range of data analysis engines. This opens up the potential for using Big Data analysis applications so that the multitudes of information provided by the many data sources can be coalesced into helpful statistics surrounding incidents and risk-prediction.

NEC’s Tan Boon Chin, managing director of the Regional Competency Centre, Public Safety comments: “NEC has provided numerous safety solutions by integrating advanced technologies such as the [number one NIST rated] biometrics-matching technology, highly functional, high-performance sensor technology, technologies to predict and analyze unusual signs using big data, as well as next-generation network technology that includes SDN/OpenFlow. In addition to these solutions, NEC strives to develop common solution models while strengthening local system integration capabilities and customer bases in order to accelerate global business.”

Available as of yesterday, MAG1C solutions can be applied to access control, terminal verification (both software and data), shared digital signage, large media analysis, integrated data analysis and graphical user interface.

According to the company’s press release announcement for MAG1C, NEC Group is working towards the safety, security, efficiency and equality of society, and this solution is a part of this initiative. NEC is  aiming to develop solutions for a wide range of issues as a company that creates value through the promotion of its “Solutions for Society.”

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The convergence of big data and biometrics has been a news worthy topic the past few weeks. Recently, facial biometrics and Big Data analytics have been applied to law enforcement. Meanwhile behavioral biometrics are helping detect human presence and fraudulent activity online.