Multimodal Biometric Security is the Future of Border Control: Morpho

Morpho (Safran) is painting a picture of the future of border control, and it involves multimodal biometrics. In a new statement, VP of Strategy and Market Development Luc Tombal highlights key technologies and a major case study in illustrating the point.

Multimodal Biometric Security is the Future of Border Control: MorphoTombal points to fingerprint and facial recognition systems as the starting point for this kind of advanced border security architecture, moving on to more sophisticated technologies such as Morpho’s Iris at a Distance iris scanning technology, and its MorphoWave system, which can scan multiple fingerprints with the wave of a hand and no need for physical sensor contact.

He then moves on to show how multiple biometrics are being used for security screening in major airports in the United Arab Emirates, the product of a contract announced early last year. There, iris recognition provides the primary basis for traveler screening, given its special utility in a contact in which many of the women traveling through the airport have their faces partially covered; but Morpho’s system also complements this technology with facial and fingerprint scanning.

The deployments help to illustrate the trend toward multimodal biometric security at airports around the world.

April 22, 2016 – by Alex Perala