MSU Facial Recognition Tech Licensed to NEC

MSU Facial Recognition Tech Licensed to NECMichigan State University has licensed a facial matching system to NEC Corperation of America to help bring it to market, the university has announced.

The system was developed by a team of MSU researchers led by Anil Jain, a computer science and engineering professor. It’s designed to match faces captured ‘in the wild’, so to speak – via everyday surveillance systems such as shopping mall CCTV cameras and the like – against criminal databases.

As Jain explains, the strength of the system lies in its capability to identify “unconstrained images” – that is, “those captured in everyday life that have varied poses, lighting and backgrounds that can make facial recognition challenging.” And Jain believes that this system, when integrated into NEC’s commercial software, could be even more effective, offering police investigators a powerful resource for identifying criminal suspects.

On NEC’s end, the technology should help to bolster the company’s already considerable portfolio. NEC is already something of a specialist in facial recognition with its NeoFace product line, and the extra capabilities offered by the MSU team’s tech should help NEC to bring even more sophisticated products to market.

Source: MSU Today

December 3, 2015 – by Alex Perala