mSIGNIA Extends IP Portfolio for ‘Digital Biometric’ Platform

mSIGNIA Extends IP Portfolio for 'Digital Biometric' PlatformA new competitor is emerging in the nascent field of behavioral biometrics. Called mSIGNIA, the company has just been issued an important patent for its “digital biometric” platform.

As reports, the new patent complements a previous one “covering cryptographic security functions based on anticipated changes in dynamic minutiae.” Together the patents relate to a system that essentially monitors subtle changes in a subject’s digital profile, analyzing data such as contacts and calendars to create what mSIGNIA calls a “digital biometric” of the user. The idea is to then leverage that data for passive authentication and thereby reduce the need for more intrusive forms of user verification.

It’s a concept similar to other emerging behavioral biometrics platforms. NuData’s NuDetect, for example, monitors online activity and metrics like scrolling and keystrokes for subconscious patterns that can identify potential fraudsters; and BehavioSec is seeing growing interest in its platform, which analyzes similar metrics including mouse movement and touchscreen interaction for an extra layer of user authentication security. While mSIGNIA currently seems to only track online activity rather than physical interactions with devices, its IP portfolio could grow into that area as it finds itself going up against more established firms in this emerging market.


May 3, 2016 – by Alex Perala