MorphoWave Tower Wins Major Award

MorphoWave Tower Wins Major AwardA new solution from Morpho has been awarded Access Control Product of the Year in the Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2015, an event organized by IFSEC International and FIREX International. A panel of security experts and academics gave the award to MorphoWave Tower, a touchless fingerprint scanning solution.

The system is able to scan four fingerprints simultaneously when a user waves her hand over its sensor, and immediately performs a matching function. This capability presents obvious advantages for high-volume applications such as at air terminals or even sports stadiums, providing a quick and easy means of identify many individuals as they pass through a facility’s gates. Moreover, MorphoWave Tower sports a sleek and unobtrusive design; it’s a waist-high, metal-and-black stand that wouldn’t be out-of-place situation next to a set of turnstiles.

While Morpho has long offered a range of products using sophisticated biometric scanning technology, its latest development is notable for its touchless aspect, a quality that appears to have increasing appeal in the world of access control. And while there are other companies providing solutions for high-volume environments, this touchless capability could give the MorphoWave Tower a distinct competitive advantage.

December 14, 2015 – by Alex Perala