MorphoTrust Will Take Biometric Screening Tech to Your Office

Biometrics technology developer MorphoTrust USA (Safran) has announced a new program to make its TSA Pre✓ more accessible to employers: Employers can now arrange onsite enrollment sessions for their staff.

The Pre✓ program provides pre-screening for travelers, fast-tracking them through the security process when they’re boarding flights. MorphoTrust’s role in the program is to provide the required biometric screening (ie. fingerprint scanning and collection of biographic information). With its new onsite outreach program, MorphoTrust staff will set up special stations at employer’s offices where staff will be able to provide this information securely and privately. This will add a greater level of convenience for frequent travelers while continuing to provide  a high level of security for the Transportation Security Administration. It has already attracted such high-profile organizations as Time Warner, Tufts University, and the NBA.

It’s part of a growing trend for government organizations to adopt biometric technology in the administration of services, and it isn’t restricted to security screening: A motor vehicle registry in Massachusetts has plans to install biometric kiosks to help customers renew their licenses automatically; and governments beyond the US are starting to use the technology for things like healthcare administration, as in India’s case. It all points to a future of increased security and convenience in government services.

November 24, 2014 – by Alex Perala