MorphoTrust Partners With

MorphoTrust Partners With Confirm.ioMorphoTrust (Safran) has teamed up with, a Boston-based startup, to develop new cloud-based mobile authentication solutions. The companies are combining their respective areas of expertise to produce SDKs and APIs aimed at the enterprise sector.

The companies say that their solutions will enable applications such as ID document verification and biometric authentication for transactions, and will involve mobile-based facial recognition, among other means of user verification. In a statement, MorphoTrust CEO Bob Eckel said the two companies “have a shared vision of simplifying and securing lives, while enabling new business models,” adding that the partnership reflects MorphoTrust’s interest in “working with innovative companies that are interested in shaping the future of identity for mobile, online and in-person transactions where identity matters.”

The move appears to be part of a broader strategy on parent company Morpho (Safran)’s part to move aggressively into the mobile sector, particularly with respect to authentication solutions. The company has moved quickly on a number of major initiatives elsewhere in the world, such as a mobile ID solution for UK citizens seeking to access online government services. Now, with American subsidiary MorphoTrust’s new partnership with, it could be positioning to offer similar solutions to the US market.

February 3, 2016 – by Alex Perala