MorphoTrust Opens Biometric Enrollment Centers Supporting TSA Program

MorphoTrust Opens New Biometric Enrollment CentersMorphoTrust USA (Safran) announced today that it has opened new enrollment centres in service of customers applying for the TSA Pre✓ program: an advanced screening initiative offered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The new biometric enrollment centers have opened at eight locations across the United States including Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California, and a second location at Los Angeles International Airport, as well as IdentoGO Centers which are located off-airport.

“The TSA Pre✓ program continues to grow with more users, participating airports and airlines, and enrollment centers at both on- and off-airport locations,” says Charles Carroll, senior vice president for identity services at MorphoTrust. “As demand increases for TSA Pre✓ across the country, we look forward to opening even more enrollment centers and serving more customers.”

The total number of MorphoTrust enrollment centers equipped to help customers get set up with TSA Pre✓is now 256 locations across the country. The company also offers a pre-enrollment service online that can help expedite the process, allow for the application to be started off site and at the user’s convenience before making a scheduled appointment.

The TSA Pre✓program is an effort that targets efficiency, security and traveller convenience. Biometrics enabled automation in airport security specifically is on the rise internationally, allowing trusted persons to make it from check in to their departure gate without having to go through the tedious processes that have become regrettably synonymous with travel (like taking off your shoes and belt).

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