MorphoTrust Nets TSA Contract to Provide Enrollment For TSA Pre✓

morphotrustJanuary 17, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

For the average traveler, there is nothing fun about going to the airport. Long lines, humorless customs agents, having to take of your shoes and remove your belt in public: all of this is an annoying and mostly necessary reality for frequent flyers. If the future of travel is going to be made easier for these people (read: everyone) then programs like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s Pre✓ program need to take off, and in order for that to happen travelers need to enroll their biometrics.

Today, identity solutions and services provider MorphoTrust USA (Safran) – who late last year won the Frost & Sullivan North American Company of the Year 2013 Award for government biometrics – announced that the TSA has contracted it to provide enrollment services for the Pre✓application program. The commissioned enrollment will have applicants submitting their biometrics at IdentoGO Centers by MorphoTrust, which will be providing services at about 300 locations, including the most recent addition to the deployment: Nashville International Airport.

MorphoTrust’s senior vice president of identity services, Charles Carroll, commented on the contract saying, “MorphoTrust has years of experience delivering services that support the vetting of individuals with an emphasis on professionalism and convenience, and we have proudly supported the TSA for more than eight years. TSA Pre✓ is an extremely popular program that has enabled millions of trusted travelers to speed through airport screening. MorphoTrust is excited to help TSA bring this convenience to a larger share of the traveling public, while ensuring security for all travelers.”

The IdentoGO Centers being used to provide the TSA application process aren’t only used to pre-approve travelers so that they can keep their clothes on during travel screening. The primary service offered by the MorphoTrust centers is to scan and enroll fingerprint biometrics for a growing number of applications including UES based certifications and the HazPrint program.