MorphoTrust CSO to Advise on Brandeis University Curriculum

MorphoTrust USAMorphoTrust CSO to Advise on Brandeis University Curriculum‘s Chief Security Officer is joining Brandeis University’s Graduate Professional Studies (GPS) advisory board.

It’s a panel of executives from a range of companies, universities, and other organizations tasked with advising on how to ensure that the university’s curriculum content aligns with the needs of students’ prospective fields of work. MorphoTrust’s Dennis Kallelis was selected for the board’s Master of Science in Information Security committee, where he will work alongside representatives from Harvard, Intel, and elsewhere.

It’s a sign of the respect that MorphoTrust has earned in the area of technological security, with its expertise and technology having been tapped by major government organizations like the Department of Defense for major security projects. In a statement, the company explained that Kallelis would be placing particular focus on the areas of information security and insider threats, areas “of deep expertise for him given his role in driving MorphoTrust’s security compliances.” Kallelis is also going to touch on security standards such as NASPO, ANSI, and ISO—another area in which MorphoTrust has earned renown—as well as privacy, computer science, document forensics, and of course biometrics and identity solutions.

Commenting on his selection for the GPS advisory board, Kallelis called it “an honor”, adding, “It is great to be part of the Brandeis team that is ensuring GPS graduates are transformed into exceptional information security professionals prepared for relevant industry demands.”

January 6, 2016 – by Alex Perala