MorphoTrak Technology IDs High-Value Suspect

Law Enforcement BiometricsLaw enforcement officials in Pinellas County, Florida, are pleased with the deployment of a MorphoTrak (Safran) biometric system that has allowed them to bring identity technology into the field. The company provided the police force with its MorphoIDent mobile fingerprint scanners as well as the Maestro gateway system that provides the interface and connectivity with fingerprint databases across the country.

MorphoTrak says that within the first week of the deployment, police already used the technology to identify a high-value suspect using the FBI Repository of Individuals of Special Concern (RISC) database. Accordingly, Pinellas County’s Fingerprint Records Manager Bill Schade has called the Maestro system “a powerful tool”, adding, “In the short time we have had the system, it has already had a significant effect on our ability to deliver security to our citizens and deputies.”

MorphoTrak has been in the fingerprint identification game for over 40 years and its biometric technology has found its way into the hands of many law enforcement agencies. MorphoTrak continues to innovate in close collaboration with law enforcement experts. As law enforcement agencies’ interest in this kind of technology continues to increase, MorphoTrak is sure to end up with many more happy customers in the years to come.

March 12, 2015 – by Alex Perala