MorphoTrak Partners With Identity One, Brings Biometric Access To Railroads

MorphoTrak (Safran) partners with Identity OneToday, biometric solutions provider MorphoTrak USA (Safran) announced a partnership with Identity One, a specialist in biometric middleware and off-the shelf biometric software products.

The new team up will see Identity one playing the role of integrator, delivering biometric access control and time and attendance solutions to a large North American freight railroad network company. It is a particularly treacherous deployment scenario, with outdoor terminals that will be expected to function properly in all kinds of weather. That is not even to mention that the workers that will be interfacing with the sensors will not be presenting pristine fingerprints thanks to the nature of their jobs.

Thankfully for the customer, MorphoTrak’s biometric access and time and attendance solutions fit the bill in more was than one. The Outdoor MorphoAccess 520 biometric reader is being deployed for this purpose, designed for industries just like this one. It boasts the proper durability and an IP65 weatherproof rating. Additionally, the Morpho fingerprint recognition is rated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as number one when it comes to accuracy.

“Properly deployed, biometric technology can offer a rapid return on investment, increased security and improved workflow efficiency,” says David Smith, president and CEO of Identity One. “One of our areas of expertise lies in biometric solutions specifically designed for railroads.”

MorphoTrak carries a diverse portfolio of biometric solutions for time and attendance tracking, as well as physical access control, for a great range of deployments.

Recently at the ISC West conference in Las Vegas, findBIOMETRICS president Peter O’neill had a chance to catch up with Gary Jones, director of MorphoTrak’s Biometric Access & Time Solutions Business Unit. The result is a video demonstration of MorphoTrak solutions of this type.

To learn more about physical access control solutions, be sure to check out our primer on the topic, published in conjunction with findBIOMETRICS’ Physical Access Control Month.

May 13, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter