MorphoTrak Leads Competition in Latest NIST Testing


The MorphoAccess SIGMA authenticates via 1-1 biometric matching.

Morpho (Safran)’s fingerprint recognition technology has received top marks in a new round of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) testing. Participating via its subsidiary, MorphoTrak, the company came first against a dozen rivals in the Proprietary Fingerprint Template Evaluation (PFT II), which measured 1-1 verification.

Whereas Phase 1 of the NIST testing only looked at thumb and index fingerprints, PFT II – the second phase of testing – tested vendors’ technologies in scanning thumbs, index fingers, and also middle fingers. Moreover, the scans were done in a variety of positions, with the digits alternately being scanned plainly or rolled across the scanners. Over all 32 tests, MorphoTrak technology proved to be, on average, 17 percent more accurate than the nearest rival’s.

In a statement, MorphoTrak CEO Celeste Thomasson said that the test results “clearly demonstrate Morpho’s leadership in the field of biometric identification, and we are pleased to offer the security, identity, and law enforcement communities the assurance that our technology is the right choice for accuracy.”

Not that the company needs to do a lot of convincing. Just last month, MorphoTrak’s fingerprint scanners were lauded by police in Pinellas County, Florida, as being highly beneficial in their investigations, and the company has achieved other such high-profile deployments in the past. The company also works very closely with high-level law enforcement experts, which helps it to further refine its technology – and seems to be paying off.

April 9, 2015 – by Alex Perala