MorphoTablets Play Important Role in Egyptian Elections

MorphoTablets Play Important Role in Egyptian ElectionsEgypt has just concluded its latest parliamentary elections, and Morpho (Safran) played a major role in the process. The company’s MorphoTablets were used to register voters and verify their identification cards.

MorphoTablets are equipped with biometric capabilities allowing for large-scale authentication via facial and fingerprint recognition. The devices also feature Bluetooth, cellular, and Wi-Fi connectivity, and can read smart cards. The tablets were first deployed in the country in 2014 to help facilitate voter identification as the country began to undertake democratic processes after the fall of dictator Hosni Mubarak the year before. Now, in the latest round of elections, a total of about 2000 MorphoTablets were used in numerous voting stations.

Commenting on the deployment, Morpho CEO Anne Bouverot said Morpho was “very pleased to partner again with the Egyptian government in the area of identity management.”

The company will also soon oversee another major deployment of its MorphoTablets, this time in India, where the devices will be used to register the subscribers of a major mobile network operator. It appears to be an increasingly popular identity management solution, and more such deployments can be expected in the future as major companies and governments seek out advanced identity solutions.

December 16, 2015 – by Alex Perala