Custom Workforce Management MorphoTablet Solution Cuts HR Costs

With a major new integration into a time and attendance tracking system, Safran Identity & Security is highlighting the benefits of its MorphoTablet in the workplace.

Custom Workforce Management MorphoTablet Solution Cuts HR CostsThe integration comes by way of Donseed, a workplace management solutions provider based in the UK. The company built an Android application specifically for MorphoTablet that enabled the deployment of a tablet-based biometric punch clock system. The MorphoTablet’s fingerprint scanner lets workers register their profiles and clock in and out on the tablet itself, with all data transmitted through a cloud-based system.

While biometric time and attendance systems are increasingly prominent in various settings around the world, Donseed’s MorphoTablet solution also offers detailed reports using its workforce data, further helping managers to reduce administrative costs as the biometric technology reduces paper-trail confusion and fraudulent labor claims. Commenting on early adopter Ground Construction Limited’s own deployment of the system, the company’s Finance Director, Graham Payne, asserts in a Safran case study that it “saves us 10 to 15% on the labor costs, which would equate to about three million pounds on a year.”

That’s a considerable savings, and an example that could attract many more customers to Donseed’s MorphoTablet solution.

June 15, 2016 – by Alex Perala