ASIS 2015: Introducing MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite


The MA SIGMA Lite models are a fitting complement to the MA SIGMA series.

Morpho (Safran) has launched a new series of biometric access control and time and attendance solutions at this year’s ASIS conference. Available in two designs, the new devices are part of the company’s MorphoAccess (MA) SIGMA product line.

Called  MA SIGMA Lite and MA SIGMA Lite+, the new fingerprint terminals are designed to be easily equipped to mounting surfaces such as turnstiles, server rack doors, glass or aluminum door mullions, and so on. One of the models features an LED indicator to help guide users through its access control configurations, while the other features a color touchscreen as its user interface. Both are capable of scanning up to 250,000 users for one-to-one matching, and 10,000 users for one-to-many biometric identification, and they use a web server for configuration, allowing administrators to set them up via tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

The MA SIGMA Lite models are a fitting complement to the MA SIGMA series, which the company first launched at ASIS back in 2013. While they can be used in new deployments, they are highly compatible with preexisting Bioscrupt and Morpho installations; in a statement, Morpho Security Executive VP Samuel Fringant explained that with the company’s delivery of “readers suitable for renewing legacy installations, complementing deployments of MA SIGMA stations or securing brand new facilities, Morpho reaffirms its commitment to give its customers access to the latest refinements of its technology, whatever the situation.”

September 24, 2015 – by Alex Perala