Morpho SecureIdentity Offers Mobile Authentication for Government Services

Morpho SecureIdentity Offers Mobile Authentication for Government ServicesMorpho (Safran) has announced a new digital identity service called SecureIdentity. Scheduled to go live early next year, the system is designed to help British citizens access online government services through the GOV.UK Verify program.

GOV.UK is the British government’s new online system aimed at authenticating citizens’ identities so that they can securely access online government services like tax filing and retrieving driver license information, somewhat similar to India’s trailblazing Aadhaar system. Morpho’s SecureIdentity platform is a mobile app that facilitates GOV.UK Verify access; after one initial 10-minute authentication process, users can go on to use GOV.UK Verify on their smartphones with authentication taking only seconds. While details of what kind of authentication technologies the system will use aren’t yet available, biometric modalities are likely to play a role, given Morpho’s expertise in that area and the widespread and growing presence of biometrics in smartphones.

It’s another big step forward into mobile authentication since the company announced its intentions to explore that market earlier this month, complementing the company’s just-announced participation in a project aimed at establishing a mobile security platform for Norwegians.

December 15, 2015 by Alex Perala