Morpho Improves Digital Trust Solution

Morpho Improves Digital Trust SolutionMorpho (Safran) has improved its digital trust solution, the company has announced. In a press release Morpho asserts that, with the latest enhancements to its digital trust offering, its integrated solution is now the most comprehensive on the market.

The upgrade is part of Morpho’s efforts to shift its clients to paperless transactions, with service providers such as government agencies, banks, insurance firms, and more now able to perform identity security checks through a single platform. To that end, clients can perform biometric authentication, secure archiving, background checks and more through Morpho’s system.

The major improvement to the system is its ability to remotely register users for digital services, for example by using facial recognition to authenticate users for online registration via mobile device.

In a statement, Morpho VP Laurent Fournié asserted that while “the digital transformation is picking up momentum across all sectors,” its “revolution will only succeed if exchanges are secured, privacy is protected and users trust the technologies.” To that end, he said, Morpho’s is “the most comprehensive trusted platform available on the market.”

While a range of sophisticated technologies are in play in this platform, biometrics has a particularly important role. It is a reflection of Morpho’s expertise in this area, with the company having launched a new biometric access control system and a sophisticated video analytics system just this month.

Morpho is demonstrating its solutions at this year’s Les Assises de la Sécurité conference in Monaco this week.

September 30, 2015 – by Alex Perala