Biometrics Are Everywhere At Money20/20: The FindBiometrics Panel

Biometrics Are Everywhere At Money20/20: The FindBiometrics PanelYesterday in Las Vegas, Money20/20 was well underway and biometrics was the talk of the conference. As previously announced by FindBiometrics, we weren’t only in attendance but helping lead the way yet again to a massive crowd of industry professionals with our expert panel on biometrics at the intersection of commerce. Hosted by FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill, the panel was composed of experts from across the industry:

  • Conor White – President, Americas, Daon
  • Philippe Le Pape – VP Sales Director, Morpho (Safran)
  • Bob Reany – Group Head & SVP, Identity Solutions, MasterCard
  • Rick Swenson – AVP Enterprise Fraud Prevention & Detection, USAA
  • Paul Burmester – CEO, ValidSoft

At the top of Biometric Identity & Its Applications in Financial Services & Payments O’Neill turned his line of questioning on the audience, asking attendees with some sort of biometric authentication on their phones to raise their hands. Nearly the entire room of 600 people indicated that this is true for them – not entirely surprising given the current mobile landscape. But as O’Neill pointed out: only a year ago that number of biometrics users would be much smaller.

Listen to Peter O’Neill’s Money20/20 Introduction:

The subsequent panel discussion was dynamic and enlightening. We talked about the emergence of multimodal authentication, the role of innovation and customer experience, as well as the role of education in biometric adoption in finance, before opening up for audience questions.

Stay posted to FindBiometrics for more identity management news straight from Money20/20 in Las Vegas.

October 27, 2015 – FindBiometrics Team