Money20/20: NuData Showcases Improved Behavioral Biometrics Platform

Money20/20: NuData Showcases Improved Behavioral Biometrics

The Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas is well underway, and NuData Security is there showcasing its NuDetect behavioral biometrics and analytics solution.

NuDetect scans online activity related to clients’ websites for signs of potential fraud by analyzing a variety of metrics involving the unique, subconscious patterns associated with repetitive tasks like typing, scrolling, and so on; it also looks at more overt data such as IP and email addresses. In this way the system has been used to detect the early warning signs of looming fraud attempts, in some cases as much as two weeks in advance. Moreover, NuData has claimed that it can identify users with 97 percent accuracy.

Now, the company is keen to show off its improved user dashboard, which NuData says offers a “one-stop-shop for analysis”, offering administrators “a true understanding of the user, their biometric match and the intricate correlations of that user across NuData’s network of billions of behavioral profiles.”

As behavioral biometrics and analytics systems continue to rise in prominence, NuData is likely to see increasing interest in its flagship platform. The Money20/20 conference, where many attendees are concerned about the risks associated with online commerce and the like, is a good place to show it off with its new and improved interface.

October 28, 2015 – by Alex Perala