[Money20/20] ID R&D President Alexey Khitrov on Voice Biometrics Breaking Out of the Call Center

[Money20/20] ID R&D President Alexey Khitrov on Voice Biometrics Breaking Out of the Call Center FindBiometrics reported live from Money20/20 in Las Vegas this week, where a strong sense of collaboration energized the substantial biometrics presence. Among the week’s major partnership announcements one stood out as particularly enlightening: voice and behavioral biometrics company ID R&D revealed that it is providing the voice recognition tech behind the PhiVox component of FacePhi’s massive new multimodal authentication platform, inPhinite.

I paid a visit to ID R&D’s booth on the Money20/20 exhibition floor to find out more. Interviewing Alexey Khitrov, President, ID R&D, he told me more about how the partnership with FacePhi came about, and why the comapnies are such a good fit. We went on to discuss where the renewed demand for voice biometrics is coming from, Khitrov asserting that voice recognition has finally broken free of the call center and into the wild. We touched on some of the other markets ID R&D is pursuing and concluded with Khitrov reviewing his comapny’s excellent 2018.

Listen to the full Money20/20 audio interview with Alexey Khitrov, President, ID R&D:

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