Money20/20 Europe: Morpho Showcases ‘Scan & Pay’ Concept

Morpho (Safran) is demonstrating a group of key technological offerings at Money20/20 Europe that together offer innovative payment solutions.

Money20/20 Europe: Morpho Showcases 'Scan & Pay' ConceptWith Know-Your-Customer solutions kicking off the process, Morpho’s authentication and transaction technologies then enable the user to actually make a purchase. That’s when truly innovative biometric technology comes into play, with Morpho’s MorphoWave tower enabling a ‘Scan & Pay’ transaction: A user needs only to wave her hand over the terminal to securely authorize a payment.

First unveiled last spring, MorphoWave is a contactless fingerprint reader designed to perform quick scans in potentially high-traffic environments. It went on to win the Best Product Award in the Security Industry Association’s 2015 New Product Showcase, and was named Access Control Product of the Year at the Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2015; and in January of this year it attained the FBI’s PIV certification.

Now, integrated into its Scan & Pay concept, Morpho is showing how the device could be used to efficiently and securely process payment transactions in high volumes. And while banks and credit card companies haven’t yet taken the plunge in directly connecting customers’ biometric data to their accounts, major organizations like Visa are taking an active interest. As such, Scan & Pay could be a glimpse into the near future.

April 4, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter