[Money20/20] Daon’s Conor White On the Expansion of IdentityX

[Money20/20] Daon's Conor White On the Expansion of IdentityXIt would have been quite a shock not to find Daon at this year’s Money20/20 event in Las Vegas. The company has been a leader of the mobile biometrics revolution in financial services, with its pioneering IdentityX platform having been embraced by numerous banks and other financial services providers thanks to its support for multimodal biometrics and ease of use for their customers.

But while the platform has proven wildly successful in customer authentication and onboarding for banks’ mobile apps, it has also been expanding into new kinds of applications. Speaking with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill on the show floor at Money20/20, Daon Americas President Conor White delved into a couple of those new applications, including a big new partnership to integrate IdentityX authentication into the call center channel and a citizen ID app in New Zealand. White also discussed the overall growth Daon has seen globally, including the emergence of market opportunities in healthcare, and his predictions for what’s in store going forward, including the rise of machine learning and increasing unification of authentication systems across all channels.

Listen to the full Money20/20 USA audio interview with Conor White, President, Americas, Daon:

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