Money20/20 China Themes Point to Biometrics Prominence

Money20/20 China Themes Point to Biometrics Prominence

Money20/20 organizers have officially announced the return of their China-based event.

First launched last year, Money20/20 China drew a crowd of over 2000 professionals from 53 countries. Now, organizers say that Money20/20 2019 will have capacity for more than 2500 people, and will feature over 300 speakers.

Organizers have also revealed an ambitiously wide-ranging slate of themes for this year’s show. These include “Old banking, New banking, Challenger banking”; “The birth of next-gen retail and commerce”; “Phoenix from the Flames: Internet finance in transition”; “Reaching the next billion consumers”; “The new reign of tech giants”; “More than just crypto: Deployment of blockchain applications”; “China and beyond: Processing, instant payments and cross-border opportunities”; “The fintech rising stars, partnerships, acquisitions and internationalization”; “Regulation and regtech: Challenges and opportunities”; “Specialised AI development and implementation worldwide”; and “Data protection and internet security ”.

Those last two themes in particular seem likely to feature biometric technology as an important consideration. Biometrics have played an increasingly important role in digital commerce, online banking, and the many other aspects of a rapidly digitizing financial services sector over the last several years; and today’s solutions, which are very often driven by highly sophisticated AI, have enjoyed a growing share of the spotlight in recent Money20/20 events.

At this month’s Money20/20 USA event, for example, one of the most anticipated panel sessions will tackle “Invisible Authentication: How UIX-Focused Biometrics Can Make Passwords Disappear”. Slated for October 29th, the panel will feature BioConnect CEO Rob Douglas, Onfido CEO Husayn Kassai, IDEMIA SVP Matt Thompson, and Acuity Market Intelligence Principal Analyst Maxine Most; and it will be hosted by FindBiometrics Digital Content VP Susan Stover.

Money20/20 USA will be held in Las Vegas, running from October 27th to 30th; while the second annual Money20/20 China will run from December 4th to 6th in Hangzhou, the home turf of Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba and Ant Financial.