Mobizent Device Upgraded with Integrated Biometrics Tech

Mobizent Device Upgraded with Integrated Biometrics TechFingerprint sensor developer Integrated Biometrics has announced a new partnership with Mobizent, a mobile solutions provider specializing in technology for mobile tracking, ticketing, and work order in the field. The partnership has brought Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo FAP 30 sensor into Mobizent’s Intermec CN70e handheld device.

Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo sensor is FBI PIV FAP 30 certified and durable; the company says it can “withstand the toughest operating environments with minimal maintenance”. It even features a light emitting sensor that prevents sunlight interference while maintaining a slim form factor at less than 1mm thick. The integration of the sensor allows the Intermec CN70e to capture fingerprints in the field and send them to back-end databases with end-to-end encryption.

In a statement, Integrated Biometrics CEO Steve Thies emphasized the utility of the improved device in a range of areas, saying his team is “thrilled to see our product contribute as an essential element of a mobile solution with such widespread business and government use in housing, environmental, and law enforcement.” Mobizent CEO Ramesh Swamy, meanwhile, said that Integrated Biometrics’ sensor “provides not only improved resolutions, but improved ruggedness and improved image capture for all of our customers.”

It’s another major integration for Integrated Biometrics, which was also recently in the news here with the integration of another of its sensors into Credence ID’s Trident handheld device last December. The company was also busy promoting the benefits of biometric technology near the end of last year at conferences and in the media, and it looks like those efforts may have had a payoff here. As more organizations – and law enforcement agencies in particular – adopt this kind of mobile biometric technology, Integrated Biometrics could see many more such opportunities going forward.

(Source: Mobile ID World)