Mobile, IoT Factor Big Into HID’s Secure Identity Predictions

Mobile, IoT Factor Big Into HID's Secure Identity PredictionsHID Global has announced its predictions for 2016’s top trends in secure identity. In addition to trends related to general enhancements in security systems, from their user interfaces to how they help users enjoy other activities such as shopping, HID Global points to some more salient trends that could prove important in 2016.

First among these is the ‘mobilization’ of security. As mobile devices become increasingly pervasive among users, HID Global believes secure identity solutions will increasingly aim to leverage that technology in a range of applications. Moreover, wearables are expected to be “the next step” in this authentication framework.

Somewhat connected to this trend is another that will see greater attention paid to privacy issues as ever more devices become interconnected, sharing potentially sensitive user data. Indeed, this concern has already begun to emerge as security experts have thought about the implications of the Internet of Things, with biometric technologies increasingly being highlighted as offering valuable authentication solutions for the IoT framework.

Another important trend predicted by HID Global is the growing importance of security policies and best practices, with organizations shifting their approaches to focus on what happens after security breaches, rather than simply looking at how to prevent them. While preventive security efforts are certainly advancing, this approach may become increasingly prevalent as organizations come to terms with the inevitability of digital security breaches in a world of increasingly digitized information and data.

January 13, 2016 – by Alex Perala