New Investment Propels Mobile System Offering Drug Test Via Fingerprint Scan

New Investment Propels Mobile System Offering Drug Test Via Fingerprint ScanIntelligent Fingerprinting has raised another £2.5 million in investment funding for its flagship technology, the Cambridge-based company has announced.

It’s working on what it calls “the world’s first portable fingerprint-based drug screening device”. The system scans the sweat left on a fingerprint-scanning screen, and within 10 minutes can detect the presence of multiple drugs, Intelligent Fingerprinting says. It’s a solution aimed at a range of potential sectors, from drug rehab programs to criminal justice to workplace health and safety.

Starting with an initial investment of £500,000 in 2009, Intelligent Fingerprint has raised £5.73 million in private funding over the past four years, and has also attracted public funding from government grants and Innovate UK via the EUREKA Eurostars Programme. In a statement announcing this latest investment, Intelligent Fingerprinting CEO Dr. Jerry Walker said it would allow the company to complete its technology “and begin the manufacturing process to meet early demand for the first of our planned fingerprint-based products.”

As more standard fingerprint identification technology continues to proliferate across mobile devices, Intelligent Fingerprinting may be able to help pioneer a new market niche as it pushes mobile biometrics beyond conventional applications.

February 2, 2016 – by Alex Perala