Mobile Biometrics Month 2017: The Roundup

The end of March is upon us and with it we must bring Mobile Biometrics Month 2017 to a close. For the past five weeks we have brought you special featured coverage on the topic of mobile biometrics with interviews, live events coverage, insightful articles, and our usual brand of industry news. Here’s a look back on the festivities from what has been one of the most exciting months in biometrics and mobility in a very long time.

The Featured Content

Mobile Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupWe kicked off Mobile Biometrics Month 2017 with a primer to get you up to speed on the state of biometrics and the constantly evolving mobile landscape ahead of what turned out to be a game-changing few weeks for mobile ID. In week two we examined how the aesthetic demands of smartphone manufacturers have spurred on innovation in the fingerprint sensor market, and in week three we highlighted the ways mobile biometrics are making a difference in elections, national ID, and financial applications. Read more by following the links below:

Mobile Biometrics Month 2017: The Primer

Mobile Biometrics Month 2017: Fingerprints And Adaptation

Mobile Biometrics Month 2017: 3 Markets Where Mobility Is Making a Difference

FindBiometrics at MWC

Mobile Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupMobile Biometrics Month 2017 coincided with our live reporting from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Along with our sister site, Mobile ID World, we provided breaking news coverage and audio interviews from the ground floor of the attendance-record-breaking mobility conference. During the event, which served as a platform for some of this year’s biggest biometrics announcements so far, we brought you audio interviews with Fingerprint Cards CEO Christian Fredrikson and also the GSMA’s Head of Applications & Services, David Pollington. After the dust had settled, we caught up with GSMA CMO Michael O’Hara to unpack some of the biggest developments in connectivity and identity to emerge from MWC 2017.

The following links will take you to the aforementioned interviews as well as our daily roundup coverage and exhibition floor image galleries:

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Fingerprint Cards CEO Christian Fredrikson

Mobile ID World at MWC, Day 1: 5G Visions and Fingerprint Sensor Innovation

Mobile ID World at MWC, Day 2: The Exhibition Gallery

GALLERY – Mobile ID World at MWC 2017: Identity is Integral to Connectivity

INTERVIEW: Michael O’Hara, Mireya Almazan & David Pollington of the GSMA

Mobile Biometrics Evolution

Mobile Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupMobile Biometrics Month culminated in our first expert webinar of 2017, From Revolution to Evolution: The New Mobile Biometrics Landscape. Featuring presentations from Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence, and David Pollington, Head of Applications and Services, GSMA, the live webcast brought together industry experts from Nok Nok Labs, Precise Biometrics, and Aware, Inc., for a critical discussion on mobile identity and biometrics delivered to an audience of over 520 registrants.

Be sure to attend the next entry in our renowned webinar series, Continuous Identity: Why Behavioral Biometrics Are Going Mainstream.

Samsung’s Multimodal Mobile Device

Mobile Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupThe big mobile biometrics news wasn’t all confined to Barcelona. Just yesterday Samsung launched its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The handsets were preceded by a great deal of speculation and leaks, leading many to believe that it would be a robust multimodal biometric device. Well, most of the rumors proved true, we learned yesterday, with the latest Samsung phone sporting fingerprint, iris, and face recognition.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Meets Multimodal Expectations

The Biggest Mobile News

Mobile Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupIn general, March was a very active time for mobile biometrics, and as usual, FindBiometrics was the place to get all the most important industry news concerning identity management in our increasingly connected world. Product launches and upgrades complemented promising updates concerning highly anticipated biometric tech, while integrations and partnerships rounded out our industry coverage.

There were too many headlines to comprehensively list here, but the following links will serve as highlights of a truly eventful month in mobile biometrics.

Precise Biometrics Signs Licensing Agreement With NXP Semiconductors

QiSQi Offers Multimodal Phone for Police, Border Officials

Oppo F3 Plus Smartphone Sports FPC Biometric Sensor

NEXT Biometrics Completes Testing of New ASIC Chip

Innovatrics’ Facial Recognition Tech Goes Mobile

Philippines Banking App Uses Daon Biometrics Tech for Authentication

BIO-key Heralds ‘Biometric of Things’ Ahead of MicroCap Conference

FIDO Heralds Increasing Prominence of its Standards in Mobile Sector

USAA App a Premiere Success Story of the Mobile Biometrics Revolution

Nok Nok Labs Launches a Premium Edition of S3 Authentication Suite

Zwipe Reports Biometric Payment Card Progress

Precise BioMatch Mobile Used in Two New Xiaomi Devices


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