Mobile Biometrics Month: The Primer

Thanks to the continued proliferation of smartphones and strong authentication technology, mobility and biometrics are becoming increasingly intertwined. Nothing quite hammers home efficiency like the security and assurance of strong authentication paired with the freedom and connectivity of mobile devices.


Mobility is a key topic at this year’s Biometrics UnPlugged executive summit, held September 15 in Tampa, Florida.

September is the perfect time to celebrate this perfect match. Mobility is a key topic of discussion at both the upcoming Biometrics UnPlugged event and the Global Identity Summit (formerly the Biometric Consortium Conference), while Apple’s annual iPhone announcements promise to bring smartphone biometrics to the forefront of conversation.

As a starting point for the month’s festivities here are just some of the things we talk about when we talk about mobility and biometrics.

Payment and Banking

Quite possibly the hottest topic in mobile biometrics right now is finance. The convenience of using a mobile phone for shopping and banking is being enabled by innovations in biometric hardware, biometric software and strong authentication standards. The following links will provide you with a good idea of what’s happening in the world of biometric mCommerce as well as the more nuanced conversations regarding the topic.

Road2BUP: BIO-key’s Jay Meier on Mobile Payments and Mobile Banking (Part 1)

Road2BUP: BIO-key’s Jay Meier on Mobile Payments and Mobile Banking (Part 2)

Apple Teaming up With MasterCard, Visa and AmEx For iPhone 6 Mobile Wallet

Deloitte Says Security Concerns Are Hindering Adoption of Mobile Banking

Chinese Smartphone To Allow In-Store Biometric Payment

Invisible Biometrics: BioCatch Mobile Exits Beta

Mobility A Key Component in Retail Biometric Payments

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

In businesses of all sizes, mobility equates to efficiency. Instead of leaving everything important at your desk, smartphones, tablets and cloud technology allow you to take the office wherever you go. In order to take work to the outside world enterprises need the assurance that mobilized information can’t be easily compromised. That’s where biometrics come in.

Maintaining Secure BYOD: GO-Trust Offers Military Strength Encryption To Business Customers

Bring Your Own Credential: A Place For Mobility in Physical Access

BIO-key Teams Up With Advanced Micro Devices To Provide Better BYOD and Online Transactions

Biometric BYOD Deployment From SutiSoft

MiKey Provides Augmented Security via Biometrics, NFC and USB

Biometrics As a Service

Thanks to innovations in cloud technology new, more flexible options are available to enterprises and agencies that would like to give themselves the biometric upgrade. Biometric software is available through the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, allowing for the transformation of regular old smartphones into connected biometric devices.

SpeechPro Provides VoiceKey To ImageWare Systems’ Authentication Engine

ImageWare Systems Scores Three Year Contract With International Retailer

Interview With Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO of ImageWare Systems

Wearable Technology

Now that the smartphone is quickly reaching ubiquity, the next step is starting to emerge, bringing with it a great number of biometric opportunities. Heart rate measuring headphones are on their way from multiple manufacturers, biometric shirts are being funded by space agencies, a smartwatch with built-in iris recognition is being crowdfunded and a wristband is using heart measurements to offer persistent authentication. Mobility is more than a smartphone and the following articles help illustrate that fact.

IriTech Bringing Iris Recognition To The Smartwatch

50 Cent’s Headphones Brand Goes Biometric

FIDO Welcomes Bionym and its Vital Biometric Authentication

Biometric Shirt Brings New Meaning To Wearable Technology

Brain Biometrics For Google Glass

Wearable Tech Helps DJs Know Their Crowd


Stay posted to FindBiometrics throughout September as we continue to delve into the topic of mobile biometrics. Want to join in the discussion? Share your favorite example of mobile biometrics with us on Twitter and use the hashtag #BUP2014.

September 3, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter