Mobile Biometrics Can Improve KYC Self-Registration: Safran

Safran Identity and Security is urging companies to embrace mobile and biometric innovations for Know Your Customer and self-registration applications. A new post on the company’s website points out that while organizations such as banks are already very familiar with KYC and self-registration options for customers, they now have an opportunity to make such systems even more efficient and easy to use with these new technologies.

Mobile Biometrics Can Improve KYC Self-Registration: SafranTo that end, Safran is promoting its selfie-based solution, which it promoted at this year’s Mobile Connect Summit. The system leverages the reliability of government-issued identity documents together with the accuracy of biometric identification to enable self-registration: A user needs only to take a selfie and a photo of her ID card, such as a passport, and to supplement it with any necessary biographic information.

The solution has a number of potential applications, but Safran highlights its utility in setting up a new bank account, which the company argues can be done in just a few minutes. Indeed, with banks increasingly using mobile-based biometrics to authorize a range of transactions and let users access accounts, using the technology for registration purposes would appear to be the next logical step.

July 28, 2016 – by Alex Perala