Mobile Attendance Tracking System Uses Facial Recognition

Utah-based startup Findd is offering a new and novel time and attendance tracking solution that is based on individual users’ mobile devices. It’s an approach to attendance tracking that the company has dubbed ‘Bring Your Own Clock’, and it uses biometric technology to ensure that the right employee is clocking in and out.Mobile Attendance Tracking System Uses Facial Recognition

That technology centers on facial recognition, allowing the system to operate entirely as mobile software: It simply leverages the camera of an Android of iOS device to scan an individual and match her face against the correct HR profile. That offers a potential cost advantage over other attendance tracking systems that require the installation of special card readers or other special equipment.

Findd is celebrating a major deployment of the system with its client Janitronics Building Services, a Massachusetts-based facility maintenance company. Janitronics has a workforce of 1500 employees servicing 165 locations, and as such needed a flexible solution that wouldn’t require an extensive installation process. In a statement announcing the deployment, Janitronics CFO Vince Wong enthused that with Findd’s solution, his company’s “employees can arrive at any location and with a quick selfie get right to work servicing our clients.”

As biometric attendance tracking solutions continue to rise in popularity, Findd’s offering may represent the next wave for this technology, especially for organizations needing to track highly mobile workforces.

November 2, 2016 – by Alex Perala