Microsoft Highlights Speech Recognition in UWP

The Windows Apps Team continues to promote the sophisticated technological capabilities of the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) through its FamilyNotes app. While Microsoft Microsoft Highlights Speech Recognition in UWPwas keen to emphasize the impressive facial recognition technology of UWP, its Windows Apps Team’s latest and final developers’ blog post on FamilyNotes emphasizes its voice command and speech recognition functionality.

Voice command is enabled through Cortana, Microsoft’s flagship AI assistant platform. It lets users launch the app simply by saying, “Hey Cortana, start FamilyNotes”; and more custom voice commands can be added by developers. But Cortana can also recognize natural language, enabling users to dictate text; and that dictated text can even be played back to the user.

While the Windows Apps Team is also careful to highlight the stylus-based scribbling enabled by its Ink feature, it’s clear that voice interaction is expected to play a crucial role as a user interface for apps and products based on UWP. That reflects a broader arms race playing out in the IT and consumer electronics industries, as giants like Amazon and Apple strive to improve their voice-based interaction systems, anticipating growing importance for the technology as the Internet of Things and its many devices lacking traditional keyboard interfaces continues to emerge.

Source: Windows Developer Blog

July 6, 2016 – by Alex Perala