Microsoft, Intel & PC Makers Promote Biometrics

multimodal biometricsMicrosoft, Intel, and computer makers HP, Dell, and Lenovo have teamed up to launch a joint advertising campaign. Under the slogan “PC Does What,” the campaign is aimed at showcasing innovation in the world of personal computers, particularly with respect to the various new offerings from these companies.

There are a couple of major ways in which these companies’ latest products are connected. For one thing, the new PCs from HP, Dell, and Lenovo are all powered by 6th Generation Intel Core processors. But perhaps the bigger connection is that they all run on Windows 10, Microsoft’s ambitious new operating system.

The promotional campaign will focus on a few key qualities that the new OS, processors, and devices can offer together: long battery life and wireless access; high-quality graphics for more immersive gaming experiences; fast, responsive interfaces; and biometric login. This last element may be the most noteworthy; in a press release, the companies went so far as to frame it as a full password replacement, pointing out that users can now log in to their devices via facial recognition. That feature comes by way of Windows 10’s Windows Hello security apparatus, which apparently has proven highly user-friendly and reliable on many PCs already.

Of course, most consumers probably won’t think too hard about what a striking shift Windows 10’s promotion of biometric authentication represents. But in a way, that could be for the best, packaging a major advancement over archaic password security as a neat new feature in a larger bundle of improvements.

October 16, 2015 – by Alex Perala