MIA Expands Use of Biometric Kiosks

Biometric Border Control

MIA Expands Biometric Kiosk Program

Miami International Airport is expanding its use of automated biometric kiosks. The airport has ordered 44 more automated passport control (APC) kiosks from SITA, a border control technology provider.

The new kiosks will bring the MIA’s total to 80, and, like the originals, are US Custom and Border Protection (CBP) certified. They use a combination of facial and fingerprint recognition technologies to identify travellers, and can be used to process air passengers from North America and any visa waiver country.

While the security offered by biometric technology is certainly advanced, the MIA frames the expansion as a customer service and efficiency improvement. In a statement, MIA Director Emilio T. González described the expansion as an “investment” that “demonstrates our commitment to providing the best possible arrival for our international travelers.”

That’s pretty much how every airport describes the introduction of biometric passenger screening, from the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport in Maryland to the Atatürk Airport in Turkey to the Vama and Burgas airports in Bulgaria. More and more airports around the world are adopting this kind of technology, improving security, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. MIA demonstrates this particularly as a repeat customer.

April 9, 2015 – by Alex Perala