Mexico Sticks with Safran for Voter Authentication

The National Electoral Institute of Mexico, or INE, is sticking with Safran Identity & Security for its biometric voter authentication needs.Mexico Sticks with Safran for Voter Authentication

The organizations have worked together since 2005, with Safran’s most recent contract having seen the INE’s biometric authentication system to allow for 10-fingerprint matching. Now, it’s seeking to upgrade the system, with Safran suggesting in a statement that its capacity will be extended so that it can register 113 million fingerprint scans and voter portraits, and support as many as 120,000 transactions per day.

Commenting on the new contract, INE Electoral Federal Registry Executive Director René Miranda Jaimes stressed the INE’s mandate to ensure the integrity of Mexico’s federal elections, and said that “Safran has proven it fulfills this demanding requirement” with its technology. “By choosing the world leader in biometric technology, INE is making sure it is well prepared for the future with state of the art technology,” she added.

Financial terms and timeline details of the contract have not been disclosed; Mexico’s next general election is scheduled for July of 2018.

December 21, 2016 – by Alex Perala