MeReal Biometric Smart Card Goes Into Action

MeReal Biometrics’ V2 biometric smart card has now officially gone into action with the opening of the world’s first open-air casino.

MeReal Biometric Smart Card Goes Into ActionThe smart card features a built-in fingerprint sensor, allowing cardholders to confirm their identities as they use it. At the Pleinair Casino in the south of France, it’s now being used for access control, ensuring that only casino employees are able to access sensitive areas. It’s also being used for time and attendance tracking in the process.

Going forward, though, MeReal says Groupe Partouche, the casino’s owner, “hopes to add more applications – both access and payments – for employees and for its 1 million VIP players”, according to a statement from the company. (Patrick Partouche, the Chairman of MeReal Biometrics, is also Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Groupe Partouche.)

That points to further expansion in the emerging biometric payment cards market for Fingerprint Cards, which supplied the V2’s fingerprint sensor, and was also in the news this week thanks to Zwipe’s first orders for its own biometric payment cards, which also feature FPC tech.

June 8, 2017 – by Alex Perala